This Woman Reported A Mom To The Police – But Regretted It As Soon As The Cops Called Back

On December 7, 2017, Megan Orr Burnside shared a heartbreaking story that showed just how difficult being a parent can be. The post recounted a moment in her life when she’d called the authorities about something that she had seen at a gas station. She had been worried about a child’s safety – but all too soon she realized that she should have reacted totally differently. What’s more, the experience permanently changed the way that she looked at other people.

Megan took to Facebook to tell the story, and her post soon went viral. So far, it has received over 40,000 reactions. The tale begins at a gas station in Tennessee. Megan was with her husband and saw a woman struggling with her child – a 10-year-old boy. The child was obviously distressed but, describing the scene, Megan noted that the mother seemed frustrated and angry.

The woman was apparently attempting to get her child into the car and, following a tussle with the boy, was finally able to do so. This was where the scene got really ugly, though. Megan said that she saw the two fighting inside the vehicle. Indeed, it seemed like the mother was hitting the child.

As rewarding as being a parent can be, it’s never easy – particularly when dealing with a full-blown tantrum. However, this wasn’t a simple scolding and Megan was extremely concerned by the altercation.

Hence, she did what she thought was the right thing to do: she called the police. She believed that she’d witnessed an instance of child abuse, she said, and the authorities were therefore her best bet. Indeed, the cops soon showed up and went to talk with the mom and child. Meanwhile, Megan and her husband put the scene behind them, thinking that they’d defused a dangerous situation.