This Windowless Airplane Could Be The Future Of Flying, And It Looks Both Amazing And Terrifying

Cruising along at 600mph at a vertigo-inducing 38,000 feet in the air is enough to send plenty of people into a state of panic. So just imagine doing exactly the same thing – in a plane with no windows. Scary thought, right? But if this British tech center has its way, then we’ll all be doing it in the very near future.

Of course, air travel is nothing new. In fact, it may have started as an almost exclusive way for the world’s wealthiest individuals to travel in style, but these days airplane flights are almost taken for granted. After all, every year more than 3.1 billion people jet off to destinations all over the planet.

However, although air travel is incredibly quick and convenient for its passengers, it is also known as a major contributor to global climate change. In fact, annually, passenger aircraft burn around 80 billion gallons of jet fuel.

Naturally, this rate of consumption is not sustainable. Fortunately, the solution is a seemingly simple one: build a plane that burns less fuel. It’s a task that aerospace engineers have been working on for decades, and they’ve come pretty close.

In fact, when Boeing’s 787 Dreamliner began flying in 2011 it became the company’s most fuel efficient plane. Built from composite materials, it was said to burn as much as a fifth less fuel than the previous iteration, the 767.