Walt Disney Once Shared His Thoughts On The Number Of Adults Who Visit The Park

If you’ve ever heard the term “Disney adult,” it’s probably been used negatively to describe a hardcore grown-up fan of Walt’s magical brand. The subject has divided the online world, with some people even going so far as to call these people a menace to society. But what did Walt himself think of his mature fans? Rare footage is circulating on social media that may answer that very question. 

Unknowing adult

Considering how many franchises and TV stations Disney owns, you’re probably a fan whether you like it or not. Do you watch The Simpsons? Enjoy the latest Marvel movies or video games? How about Pixar and Star Wars? Heck, even The Walking Dead is on Disney+ at the time of writing. So you could be a Disney adult without even knowing, couldn’t you? 

A Millennial thing?

Well, yes and no. Sure, it makes you a Disney fan, but you’re not necessarily the type of person about whom the online debate is raging. The actual definition is a little unclear, but it seems to be people, stereotypically female Millennials, who live and breathe the brand. They probably own a huge collection of Disney merch, and you’ll often see them visiting the parks — even if they don’t have children! Gasp! 

Disney Disdain

So now the term Disney adult is often thrown around in derogatory fashion, a trend which spread from Reddit after the OP wrote about their wedding, which featured an appearance by Minnie and Mickey Mouse in place of catering. A barrage of negative responses followed, all by people who took offense. What would Walt Disney think? But seriously: what exactly would he make of it all? 


Actually, we already know. As if in answer to the pure rage aimed at Disney adults, Walt has come back — albeit in prerecorded form — with a speech about how he saw his childless fans. Okay, it’s actually a clip someone posted on TikTok, but that’s not nearly as dramatic. Regardless, the answer remains the same, and now we know whether Walt ever intended his parks to be enjoyed by so-called Disney adults.