Adorable Walrus Starts Exhibiting A Strange Behavior That Upsets Local Residents

While out for a walk along the Irish coastline, Muireann and her dad suddenly spotted a gigantic bull-sized sea beastie resting on a rock. And they couldn’t quite believe their eyes. Since that day, the creature, which we now know to be a walrus, has been wreaking havoc on shores all over Europe. Oh, yes, the endearingly named Wally is quite the traveler — and the troublemaker, for that matter. His behavior has left people so worked up that authorities decided to take drastic action before someone got hurt. 

Ball of fun

From Wally’s looks alone, you wouldn’t think that he presented any problems. He’s a big ball of fun who simply seems to prefer spending time near human civilization rather than in his own. But while Wally may be something of a global celebrity, his mischievous habits aren’t impressing those who live in the European towns he likes to visit. And that’s what incited authorities to act. 

Wowing at Wally

Yes, the rest of the world may be wowing at Wally, but what they don’t realize is how much trouble he’s inadvertently causing. Some people are so irate, in fact, that they even brought up the idea of “deporting” him from EU waters! Poor Wally is really rubbing them up the wrong way. 

Doing his best

But what could an adorable creature such as Wally possibly have done to get people so annoyed? Well, ever since he turned up along unfamiliar shores, he’s been exhibiting some strange behavior. And it’s not his fault. He just doesn’t know how to conduct himself in his new home. He’s doing his best, dammit! 

Wally's debut

When Wally first appeared around the shores of County Kerry, Ireland, it stunned the public and wildlife experts alike. “This is the first confirmed sighting of a walrus. It's a one-off as far as I'm concerned,” Kevin Flannery, a marine biologist at Dingle Oceanworld Aquarium, told the Irish Examiner in 2021. So, where did he come from?