5 Years After This Girl Got A Disneyland Surprise, The Reaction She Had Remains Priceless

There’s plenty of nice surprises to be had in life – like finding out that you’ve won the lottery, for instance, or that you’re the guest of honor at an unanticipated birthday party. However, when Chloe Clem was surprised by her mom, the news caused her to react in a way that remains priceless to this day.

You see, Katie Clem and her husband had chosen to thrill their kids with a visit to Disneyland. And the parents from Salt Lake City, Utah, probably figured that the announcement of the trip would be received with rapturous delight by their two girls. Disneyland is practically synonymous with children’s fun, after all.

And the Clem family weren’t alone in wanting to visit Disneyland from Utah, either. In fact, it’s been suggested to avoid visiting the famous theme park in October, since that’s when many schools in Utah take a short recess. As a consequence, there’s likely to be a huge influx of children from the state – thus making for longer wait times for rides as well as bigger crowds.

On this particular morning, though, Katie and her husband knew that they were going to surprise the kids, and so the parents decided to make sure that the whole thing was captured on camera. By contrast, their two girls, Lily and younger sister Chloe, had no idea of what was about to happen.

Still, in the footage taken that day Katie gives her daughters a clue by remarking in mock disbelief that the family have driven past the school. Laughing and apparently pleased that her father has missed the turn, Lily replies, “Yay, no school!” Chloe, on the other hand, seems rather unimpressed by this turn of events.