This Teenage Girl Cuddled Her Sweetheart After His Family Had Made The Most Heartbreaking Decision

They say the first cut is the deepest and that young love is incredibly strong. Once teenager Stephanie Ray was done cuddling her boyfriend, however, she was faced with a terrible reality. And as a result, she had to make an impossible choice.

The heatwave of summer 2018 touched almost every region of the U.K., including Wales. So it’s not surprising that 16-year-old Blake Ward decided to go out for a swim in the sea one day. At the time, he was visiting the town of Tywyn in Gwynedd on a family trip.

Blake and two other teenagers from the same family had gotten into the water to try and cool off, but they soon ran into problems. You see, a strong current caught them and swept the teens out away from the shore. Yet it wasn’t clear at first that anything was wrong.

In fact, Stephanie’s mother, Rebecca Ray, explained that from a distance their shouts sounded like laughter. “We’d arrived on the Sunday and the weather had not been too good, so on Tuesday when the sun came out we headed for the beach. They were only five minutes ahead of us,” she told The Sun.

“When we got to the beach I could hear them shouting, and at first I thought it was screams of laughter,” Rebecca explained. “Then I said to my sister, ‘Are they in trouble?’ We dumped everything and ran over to the rocks.”