30 Times Taylor Swift Ruled The Red Carpet With Her Effortless Sense Of Style

“When I’m getting dressed, it’s always based on what my friends will think” — Taylor Swift

This principle uttered by none other than Swifty herself is a hard-and-fast rule that has served the ultra-talented songstress very well indeed. Just take a look at any one of her red carpet appearances, and you'll see it — no matter what she picks out to wear, she always looks immaculate. Tay Tay has showcased almost every look in the book — thigh-high boots to match her sky-high legs, daring slits, disco-ball mini dresses. you name it — she's aced it! And, of course, each of her most dazzling ensembles has been pulled off with her signature elegance and grace. We think it's safe to assume that her friends would approve of each and every one of these iconic outfits. 

Back to black

When: November 2006

Where: Country Music Association Awards

In one of Swift's first handful of red-carpet events, fans were no doubt in awe of her sophisticated demeanor. Especially given that she was just coming up to her seventeenth birthday at the time! A slight difference from the cowboy boots she'd sported just a few months back, she dazzled in a floor-length black gown with matching satin gloves. The fishtail finish is mermaid-chic at its very best.

All that glitters

When: November 2008

Where: Country Music Association Awards

Taylor’s music has evolved so much that you’d be forgiven for forgetting that she was once a country singer. And the same goes for her style – each year we're treated to a whole new era of T-Swift to admire, and it just keeps getting better and better. But even in the early days, she had a sense of what looked good on her. In 2008, for example, she bedazzled the CMAs with a silver KaufmanFranco dress.

That moment

When: September 2009

Where: MTV Music Video Awards

Taylor’s dress at the 2009 MTV Music Video Awards — another KaufmanFranco creation — became famous in a way that neither wearer nor creator could ever have anticipated. That’s because when Swift was interrupted live on stage by Kanye West as she accepted her award, her glittering gown was front and center in all the major newspapers the next day.

Short but sweet

When: January 2010

Where: People’s Choice Awards

By 2010, Tay’s skirts were getting shorter. She wore a spectacular Jenny Packham mini dress to the People’s Choice Awards that year — one that included some sparkle but still looked sophisticated and mature. In fact, the understated mini dress went far from unnoticed. Headlines the next day were filled with appreciation for her get-up, and many even labeled her one of the event’s best dressed.