A Stranger’s Dog Helped Solve A Moving Mystery

When a dog wandered onto her property, it certainly caught Kate Howard’s attention. A lover of pups, she was perfectly happy to see one pay a visit to her place. But when she looked closely at the animal, she realized something bizarre. This certainly wasn’t just any old dog.

A tough day

Kate had been having a really tough day up until that point. She’d just gotten home from a harrowing event: she’d lost a friend some time ago and a memorial service had just been held in their honor. This person had gone before their time, so you can imagine the emotions running through Kate that day.

Perfect tonic

The perfect tonic to those difficult feelings that day, it turned out, was a dog strolling into her eye line. Kate loves dogs of every kind and this one was particularly cute. The brown pup had white markings as well as a strong will. While its owner was trying to get it to move along, it had other ideas.

A writer

Kate then wrote about this pup’s visit to her house on a Twitter thread, which has since gone viral. She’s a journalist, after all, so telling stories isn’t exactly alien to her. Kate has a knack for it and that may well go some way to explaining why the tale caught on so much.

Setting the scene

“Today I was sitting on my porch, enjoying the sunshine and the rest of my day off after returning from the memorial service of a friend who died far too soon,” Kate tweeted. “A woman and her dog stopped at my yard, and the dog plopped down on my grass.”