The Rocky Horror Cast Are Unrecognizable From Their Transylvania Days

1975’s The Rocky Horror Picture Show is a cult favorite for many reasons: it’s camp, it’s strange, and it’s timeless. But unlike their characters, the actors aren’t ageless Transylvanian teasers. You might not even recognize some of them now, so let’s take a stop off at Dr. Frank-N-Furter’s castle and see who we can dig up.

1. Tim Curry then

Tim Curry stepped into the role of Dr. Frank-N-Furter, who wasn’t any normal mad scientist but a visitor from “Transsexual Transylvania!” As The Rocky Horror Picture Show grew in cult status, the wave of Curry’s fans grew with it. But initially, Curry didn't like his character, as he explained in 1976 to Interview Magazine. “I can't really relate to the film very well,” he said. “I still feel sick when I see it.”

Rite of passage

Part of that was no doubt because Curry was completely different from his character. In fact, there was such a contrast that he was ejected from a late-night showing of the movie because no one believed he was Frank-N-Furter. Over time he warmed to the role though, and looked back on it more fondly. Actually, he considers it a teenage “rite of passage.” 

Tim Curry now

Regardless, it paved the way for an illustrious career in movies. Curry proved just how big his acting muscles were in a huge scope of roles from the musical Long John Silver in Muppets Treasure Island to the insanely chilling as Pennywise from Stephen King’s 1990’s mini series IT. His life hasn’t all been smooth sailing, though — Curry suffered a stroke in 2012. 

Vocal talents

Although the stroke had a serious impact on Curry’s physical acting, it hasn’t completely stopped him working. He still puts his vocal talents to good use as a voice actor, putting words in the mouth of famous characters such as the sinister Palpatine in Star Wars: The Clone Wars. Curry even made an appearance in 2020’s Rocky Horror Show: Livestream Theater.