The Richest Fictional Characters Of All Time, Ranked

Have you ever wondered if Tony Stark’s wallet was bigger than Scrooge McDuck’s? Then settle in, because we’ve got the answer for you! Actually, we’re comparing net worths from the 40 richest fictional characters to find whose bank account bulges the most. As best we can, anyway. After all, their fortunes are as fictitious as they are, so forgive us if we miss a gold-coin-filled swimming pool or two…

40. Patrick Bateman

From: American Psycho

Net Worth: $6 million

Source: Family Fortune

Executive Patrick Bateman spends so much time killing people — or possibly imagining murders, depending on your interpretation — that he never gets around to any work! Being a serial killer doesn’t pay, but that’s okay. According to his girlfriend Evelyn Williams, Bateman’s father “practically owns the company,” so he can afford his luxury apartment regardless. And does the name Bateman sound familiar? It’s a direct nod to Psycho antagonist Norman Bates.

39. Alexis Colby

From: Dynasty

Net Worth: $7 million

Source: Annual trust fund & business ownership

Woe and betide anyone who got in Alexis Colby’s way. She stepped on a lot of people during her run in Dynasty to get what she wanted. Her ambitions only increased when her ex-husband Blake bequeathed her a significant trust fund, as did the destroyed lives she left in her wake. “You either love her or hate her,” Krystle described Colby. “And she seems to enjoy it either way.”

38. Anna Scott

From: Notting Hill

Net Worth: $17 million

Source: Hollywood salary

Anna Scott leads a life of which a lot of people dream. She has a glamorous Hollywood job — at least superficially — the fortune it’s earned her and the love of the charmingly bumbling English gentleman Hugh Grant. But it turns out money doesn’t buy you happiness if the events of Notting Hill are anything to go by. It’s got to help, though, right?

37. Princess Ann

From: Roman Holiday

Net Worth: $23 million

Source: Family fortune

The legendary Audrey Hepburn plays the bored Princess Ann looking for excitement in her life. Having lots of money and being able to do anything regardless of the cost must be such a drag! But did you know that Hepburn allegedly based her character on the real-life English Princess Margaret? As such, we estimated they both had the same net worth. That is to say, a royal fortune.