This Relic Hunter Made A Seriously Spooky Discovery When He Was Digging Near The Mississippi

Treasure hunting is in Shane Mears’ blood. He got his start by exploring historic locations with his dad, metal detectors in hand, in the 1980s. And though his exploits would take him far and wide across the United States, not even this seasoned pro was ready for the bone-chilling discovery he'd make in one construction site near the Mississippi. Digging through the rubble, he immediately noticed that something was not right — and when he took a closer look at the strange item in his hands, his stomach immediately dropped.

Years before his brutal discovery, and after spending his childhood in Gentilly, Louisiana, Mears decided to move to Florida, where he chased a different career. He became a car salesman and a successful one at that. But he wouldn’t live on the panhandle forever: along with many other native Louisianans, he returned home in the wake of Hurricane Katrina.

When Mears made it back to Louisiana, he settled in the state’s most famous city: New Orleans. There, he got a new job in the service industry, tending bar at a French Quarter eatery. Out of working hours, though, the former car salesman had plenty of time to pursue his passions.

For one thing, Mears has appeared on two reality television shows, both of which were swiftly canceled. The now-bartender still gets in front of the camera, though. He helms a YouTube channel where he puts on a very thick bayou accent and speaks to his viewers about his outdoor pursuits.

Mears loves to fish, and he calls himself the Cajun Swamp Whisperer, a nickname he hasn’t come by without merit. He trawls in the Mississippi River in search of catfish, the bigger the better. In the past, he has pulled more-than-50-pound fish from the water, but no catch could compare to the one he made in May 2020.