Adorable Photos That Show Queen Elizabeth’s Lifelong Love Of Animals

Queen Elizabeth II’s love for her corgis was legendary. But passion for animals didn't stop at dogs! Over the years she showed adoration for many creatures, and we have the pictures to prove it. Join us as we browse Her Majesty’s menagerie, and see if your favorite made the list...

Corgi cuddles

Elizabeth’s connection with corgis dates back far further than her reign as Queen. In fact, she had a strong bond with the breed even as a young princess. It began at age seven when the future monarch’s family got a corgi named Rozavel Golden Eagle, apparently because he had an unusually small tail. Yet since he was officially the Duke of York’s, the dog was soon nicknamed Dookie. 

Princess’ pony

By tradition the royals are habitually linked with horses, and equines were introduced to Elizabeth early in life. Legendary American horse trainer Monty Roberts told The New York Times in 2022 just how important Her Majesty’s time with horses was. He said, “When the Queen was with horses, she was a horse person. She didn’t want to be the Queen.”

Family dogs

Mom the Duchess of York was a dog-owner, so as children Elizabeth and her sister Princess Margaret were no stranger to them. And it wasn’t just corgis, either. The royals have had a variety of dog breeds, animals which initially belonged to her parents. Elizabeth didn’t get her own furry friend until her 18th birthday, when she received a corgi called Susan as a gift. 

Princesses and pigeons

The humble pigeon might be closely related to a dove, but it gets a much worse press! Still, if they’re good enough for royalty, they’re good enough for us. Actually, they’re very smart birds when it comes to navigation and the Queen used carrier pigeons in her youth. She even sent one to Chief Guide Lady Olave Baden-Powell regarding her late husband’s birthday.