The U.S. Presidents Ranked In Order Of Height

Throughout history, the presidents of the United States have been giants in the political world. But in a literal sense, it’s not always easy to discern their actual heights when we see them on stage behind a podium. So keeping that in mind, we’ve ranked the American leaders in the order of their size, from tallest to shortest — and the smallest one might surprise you!

40. Abraham Lincoln: 6 ft 4 in

Measuring in at over six feet tall, Abraham Lincoln sits at the summit as America’s biggest president. But did you know that Honest Abe’s size might’ve been caused by an ailment named Marfan syndrome? It’s a genetic condition that alters your cellular structure, resulting in gangly appendages and a large frame. And whether it caused Lincoln’s height has long interested experts.

39. Lyndon B. Johnson: 6 ft 3½ in

While Lyndon B. Johnson may not have expected to be president, the untimely demise of JFK means he makes this list ahead of Kennedy as one of the country’s tallest leaders. At the same time, he wasn’t that healthy either. According to a study by the Medicare Supplement website, Johnson was overweight at 210 pounds. Overall, the site named him 31st in the presidential health rankings.

38. Thomas Jefferson: 6 ft 2½ in

Thomas Jefferson was another presidential giant at over six feet tall – but how did he carry himself? Well, a senator named William Maclay offered a vivid description in his diary back in 1790. He said, “Jefferson is a slender man, [and] has rather the air of stiffness in his manner. His clothes seem too small for him. [And] his whole figure has a loose, shackling air.”

37. Bill Clinton: 6 ft 2 in

As one of the tallest presidents of recent times, Bill Clinton was pretty active during his spell in the White House. Then again, that didn’t save him from injury, as he needed a knee operation in 1997. But Clinton’s size wasn’t to blame. According to the Chicago Tribune, he blew it out following a fall at a golfer’s house. Ouch!