Ellen’s $40m Montecito Mansion Is Spectacular, But The TV Host Has Decided She Has To Get Away

It’s been one helluva year for Ellen. Now the news has broken that the comedian and talk show host is bailing on her stunning $40 million Montecito pad. The Bali-themed abode has become somewhat of a home away from home to many in recent times due to Covid-19 episodes of The Ellen DeGeneres Show being broadcast from there. It’s a gorgeous house. So, what could it be that’s driving Ellen out?

It’s not often we’re able to become familiar with the inside of celebrity pads. Despite the popularity of shows such as MTV’s Cribs, getting a through-the-keyhole glance into how the rich and famous live still isn’t an experience that comes around often. That’s why audiences have been intrigued to see Ellen filming episodes of her eponymous talk show from her private residence during the lockdown.

And as we would’ve expected, Ellen’s home is comfortable to say the least. With a tropical theme to the décor, the living room – which is where it seems that Ellen films from – is reminiscent of a luxurious honeymoon destination. Exotic plants fill the view, while the selection of tasteful furniture continues the Bali-based theme.

But now news has broken that Ellen and wife Portia De Rossi are selling the luxury pad. The couple only bought it less than two years ago So, the question is: why are they upping sticks so soon? Could it have anything to do with the goings on that have made 2020 an annus horribilis for the previously untouchable Ellen?