40 Ridiculously Lavish Celebrity Backyards That May Turn You Green With Envy

One of the perks that comes with celebrity life is the ability to buy nice property with good gardens. But even so, a few really do go the extra mile with their yards. On that note, we’ve compiled a list detailing some spectacular backyards belonging to famous faces. Just wait till you take a sneaky look around!

40. Minnie Driver

Located in Malibu, California, Minnie Driver owns a house with a lovely bit of decking at the rear of the property. And no, the surfboard isn’t just for show! As the actress told People magazine in February 2019, “It is a genuine retreat from Hollywood. It’s my favorite place to be.”

39. Mindy Kaling

While it might not be the widest garden in the world, Mindy Kaling’s backyard is still pretty stunning. The property, which used to belong to Frank Sinatra, has a tiled courtyard overlooking the lawn, stretching out to one of Malibu’s beaches. We don’t know about you, but we’d never get tired of that sight.

38. Robbie Williams

Robbie Williams’ house in Los Angeles, California, has a garden that will turn you green with envy. As per Hello! magazine, it features a pool and a massive grassy area, bordered by some eye-catching shrubbery. And on top of that, the singer’s family have a great perspective of the cityscape too.

37. Denise Richards


On its own, Denise Richards’ garden was already quite nice thanks to its spacious lawn. But the actress went the extra mile to fix it up during an episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Yes, she oversaw the installation of a bar, an outdoor pizza cooker, and some additional lighting. Talk about making use of a strong base!

36. Stassi Schroeder and Beau Clark

If you’re a fan of gazebos, then Stassi Schroeder and Beau Clark’s spectacular shelter is sure to leave your jaws on the floor. Why eat in the house when you’ve got something like that sitting in the garden? We’d always be under there! It boasts a sturdy wooden frame along with roof panels made from tin.

35. Maren Morris


With lights hanging from the trees and chairs spread across the lawn, Maren Morris already had a pretty sweet garden. Yet they weren’t her favorite features, as she told People. The singer explained, “I definitely was adamant about having a fire pit. I’ve grown up going to camp, but also doing these music festivals where we’d just pass guitars around a fire. It’s kind of the focal piece of the backyard for me.”

34. Amy Schumer

Rooftop gardens can be tricky to pull off if you don’t have the space. But Amy Schumer had no such problems in that regard. Her backyard of the sky is surrounded by plants that fit around a snug seating area. Plus, People noted that the actress has an unmatched perspective of New York’s cityscape too. Lucky her!

33. Nigella Lawson


In April 2020 Nigella Lawson showed the world that her talents aren’t confined to the kitchen. Yes, the famous chef posted a picture of her garden on Instagram – and it looked incredible. Lights were draped around her flower pots and three trees, with a circular table sitting in the middle. The perfect setting for a romantic dinner, right?

32. Brooke Shields

During the warmer months, it’s always nice to sit down in the yard with some food and relax. But we wouldn’t blame Brooke Shields if she ate all her meals outside her New York home. As per People, the actress has a large courtyard, which houses a table for six, overlooking the garden.

31. Sean Penn


Given how intense he is on screen, it’s hard to imagine Sean Penn taking a load off at home. Then again, he boasts a backyard that looks remarkably serene. His garden features a swimming pool and a beautiful seating space under a twisting tree. It also has wooden beams above that particular spot.

30. Amanda Holden

From the decking to the well-manicured lawn, Amanda Holden’s backyard is already a gardener’s dream. But after posing for a photo in a purple dress, something else came into view at the rear of the garden. Yes, that’s a playhouse for the children of the U.K. TV show Britain’s Got Talent judge. It looks nicer than some real cottages!

29. Jim Parsons


At first glance, it’d be easy to confuse Jim Parsons’ backyard with a holiday retreat. But no – that really is his garden! This huge space includes a pool and a walled-in stream that runs into a pond filled with koi fish. Plus, there are tropical trees all over the area, illuminated by well-placed lights.

28. Piers Morgan

Regardless of your feelings about the man, one thing can’t be denied: Piers Morgan has a gorgeous garden. The divisive television personality boasts a swimming pool and a space to lounge around by the side of it. Morgan also has the room to put up an outdoor cinema screen on his lawn too. We’d love one of those.

27. Judy Garland


For around four years in the 1940s, Judy Garland resided in a stunning house on the Hollywood Hills. Now the star’s former property features a backyard that’ll make your eyes bulge. Yes, you’ll find a swimming pool flanked by greenery and a shelter situated right next to it. It’s got a fireplace and everything!

26. Kylie Jenner

While Kylie Jenner’s new house is certainly impressive, her garden is just as eye-catching. Entertainment magazine Hello! reported that the reality television star has a pool that sits alongside the property’s exterior, while a dinner table rests next to the grass. If that wasn’t enough, Jenner’s daughter Stormi has a massive play area further in as well.

25. Martha Stewart


Located in Maine, Martha Stewart’s beautiful estate is rounded off by an equally gorgeous backyard. The stone patio overlooks a stunning view of the landscape, with greenery growing along the house’s walls. Stewart has a sizable pergola too, which shields a dinner table made from sleek teak wood. Who’d want to go inside?!

24. Elizabeth Hurley

If you’ve got the space, a water feature can be a cool addition to your backyard. Well, Elizabeth Hurley certainly has the room, as her garden includes a pond in the middle of the lawn. To add to that, the actress planted some tulips and other flowers across the turf’s border. You could gaze at it for hours!

23. Cardi B


While the house alone is jaw-dropping, Cardi B’s garden takes some beating as well. The swimming pool is arguably the centerpiece, sitting just outside the back doors down a paved narrow path. But the array of trees, hedges, and plants can’t be ignored either. It’s as picturesque as they come.

22. David and Victoria Beckham

At the back of their house in London, England, David and Victoria Beckham have a sizable garden that the whole clan can enjoy. As per Hello!, the famous pair erected a small white tent under one of the trees for their kids, with a hedge just behind them. Plus the yard is decorated with overhead lights.

21. Jessica Alba


When you take a step out of Jessica Alba’s home, you immediately walk on to a patio overlooking a massive backyard. This space boasts a well-kept lawn and a long swimming pool, with the Los Angeles skyline in the background. Just imagine chilling in the pool’s jacuzzi with that view. How dreamy!

20. Tommy Hilfiger

Tommy Hilfiger’s Connecticut mansion is truly stunning, but the garden could be its biggest drawing point. According to the Scene Therapy website, you’ll find a greenhouse, a kitchen and a “gardener’s cottage” in that sprawling space. On top of that, the lawn features and the giant trees don’t hurt either. It’s simply awesome.

19. Guy Ritchie


In Wiltshire, England, Guy Ritchie and his partner Jacqui live in a beautiful property. But in October 2018 the latter showed the world that their backyard is just as stunning. Yes, Ritchie’s wife posted a snap of the garden on Instagram. If you can look away from the view for a moment, you’ll spot a hilly lawn adorned with flowers around the edge.

18. Meryl Streep

As arguably the greatest actress of her generation, we’ve often wondered how Meryl Streep relaxes away from the big screen. Well, her backyard seems like the perfect spot to unwind: there’s foliage galore outside the house in California. And Streep’s property also has a pool hidden among the various trees.

17. Kim Kardashian and Kanye West


You might not be too surprised to hear that Kanye West and Kim Kardashian own a massive house in Los Angeles. But even so, the size of the garden could still shock you. According to the Capital FM radio website, their backyard features two pools, a couple of barbecue areas, and a pair of spas. Wow!

16. Lisa Ling

Alongside Lisa Ling’s gorgeous patio area, you’ll also find a swimming pool made entirely of fiberglass. Yet while it looks great now, it took a lot of work to bring the structure into her yard. As Ling recalled to People, “We literally had to have a crane and lift the pool over the house and plant it into the ground. It was quite an effort.”

15. Maria Sharapova


With stone pathways cutting through luscious foliage, you’d never believe that Maria Sharapova’s property was actually situated in California. Anyway, the former tennis star has plenty of spots to relax outside her house. Whether it’s on the balcony overlooking the ocean or in her flower-strewn garden, she’s spoiled for choice!

14. Kelly Clarkson

Kelly Clarkson’s huge property can be found next to a lake in the city of Hendersonville, Tennessee. But while the surroundings are certainly picturesque, her garden takes the cake. According to the property website Trulia, Clarkson’s backyard includes a “saltwater” swimming pool and a couple of spas. There’s a playground in there too.

13. Shakira


Away from the recording studio, Shakira no doubt spent a lot of time in her Miami Beach pad. Then again, she might’ve found it hard to pull herself from the garden. Yes, the singer’s yard included a spacious decking area with a swimming pool in the middle. Hello! revealed that it had its own terrace too.

12. Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi

When you step outside Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi’s home, you wouldn’t know where to look first. There’s a sizable patio on the other side of the back doors, with a stone fireplace sitting in the middle of some chairs. In addition to that, the garden also houses a jaw-dropping swimming pool that cuts through the top of a grassy slope. The view isn’t bad either!

11. Mandy Moore


Has a garden ever swayed you into buying a house? Well, Mandy Moore told Architectural Digest that the outdoor features of her new home definitely played a role in the decision. She admitted, “[I fell in love with] the views, the pool, the yard, basically the whole energy of the place.”

10. Kelly Brook

Kelly Brook’s house in Kent, England, has a pretty nice backyard, with plants and hedges surrounding the lawn. But the swirling rose flowers attached to the property’s exterior are probably the standout. As Brook wrote on Instagram, “[I] planted this rose when I first moved in about eight years ago. It’s like a fairy tale when it flowers on this corner of our house.”

9. Lo Bosworth


While it might not be the largest garden in the world, Lo Bosworth boasts a stylish yard outside her California home. Yes, this spot has three sofas sitting around a square fireplace, with greenery climbing up the side of the building. Bosworth informed People, “You live in the city for so long, and you start to crave outdoor space. I wanted to have a great backyard that was really welcoming.”

8. Chip and Joanna Gaines

If you’re struggling to grow your own produce, you could learn a thing or two from Chip and Joanna Gaines. You see, in February 2014 the latter posted a picture on Instagram that showcased their backyard. And a large section was devoted to rows of garden beds, housing various vegetables. It looked great!

7. Scarlett Johannson


As a member of the Avengers, you’d already expect Scarlett Johannson to live in a superhero-size house. But her backyard is something else. The spacious garden has a pool, a spa, and various trees dotted around the lawn. Plus People reported that you can get a good look at the Hollywood sign as well.

6. Catherine Zeta-Jones

It’s always nice when you can sit on your patio and take in the sun. Mind you, there are few courtyards as glamorous as Catherine Zeta-Jones’s. Yes, that is a chandelier that you can see looming above the table! Alongside that, the actress has flowers growing all around the spot, adding to the beauty of it.

5. LeBron James


Given LeBron James’s status in the basketball world, it should come as no surprise that he owns a fittingly large property. Yet we wouldn’t blame him if he spent most of his time in the garden. As per Business Insider magazine, James’s backyard includes a swimming pool, a spa, and a kitchen that doubles as a bar.

4. Jay-Z and Beyonce

Jay-Z and Beyonce’s pad in New York boasts a huge garden that backs onto a nearby lake. Before you step on to the lawn, though, you’ll notice a stunning stone courtyard that surrounds the rear of the property. A swimming pool sits in the corner, while the Scene Therapy blog also notes that a spa and cooking area can be found in the yard too.

3. Donald and Melania Trump


Since buying it in 1985, Donald Trump and his family have got plenty of use out of the Mar-a-Lago estate. It’s absolutely massive! The gardens alone could be explored for a lengthy bit of time. And as per Business Insider, you won’t struggle to find a swimming pool either. They’re scattered throughout the area.

2. Leonardo DiCaprio

Leonardo DiCaprio’s Malibu Beach property is a dream spot if you love the idea of living next to the ocean. It provides a great view! The garden’s pretty nice as well, with a patch of grass leading up to the courtyard. There’s also a seating area to the side and a jacuzzi sitting in the upper corner. We’d expect nothing less from Leo!

1. John Legend and Chrissy Teigen


From the spacious courtyard to the eye-popping pool, there’s plenty to love about John Legend and Chrissy Teigen’s lavish garden. But what’s their favorite spot in the yard? Legend informed Architectural Digest magazine, “The deck is the most alluring part of the house. We loved the idea that the outside becomes an organic extension of the living area.”