Jamie Foxx Has Revealed Why He Still Lives With His Aging Parents

Image: Denise Truscello/WireImage/Getty Images

A-list actors often get accused of being out of touch with the real world, and who can blame them? They’re rich beyond their wildest dreams, can start and end relationships at the drop of a hat and live in homes that dwarf our own. So it may surprise you to know that actor, singer and comedian Jamie Foxx holds his family particularly dear. So dear, in fact, that he and his old folks actually live under the same roof.

Image: YouTube/BBC

Yes, in January 2020 Foxx divulged to British TV presenter Graham Norton that, at 52, he still lives with his parents. So despite his mature age, Foxx actually bucks most people’s domestic arrangements. And intriguingly, he made this unlikely revelation in front of fellow A-listers on a light-comedy talk show.