Flight Attendant Says You Shouldn't Drink This Beverage On Board

Let’s be blunt here – does anyone enjoy the food and drink on an airplane? Like, if we offered you a tray right now, would you go out of your way to nab it? Didn’t think so! But even though the items don’t have the greatest reputation, one air hostess took to TikTok to reveal what you should never order on a flight.

Hostess in the sky

Given the questionable taste of certain dishes and drinks, we can’t wait to hear the answer! Anyway, who is this air hostess? And why did she feel the need to drop a video like that on social media? Well, she’s developed quite the online following after posting similar clips regarding her line of work.

Viral video share

Her name is Kat Kamalani, and she’s been working as a cabin crew member since 2015. A resident of Salt Lake City, Utah, she posted her first TikTok video about the life of an air hostess in August 2020. The short clip was titled “Tips while staying at a hotel from a flight attendant.”

Making the rounds

Since then, Kamalani’s video has earned roughly 6.4 million views on TikTok, while generating around 1.4 million likes and over 3,600 comments. Wow! Thus the experienced airline worker continued to share clips on the social media website, attracting more attention as she went along.

Preaching to the audience

And Kamalani boasts a pretty big fan base across social media platforms. On TikTok, for instance, she’s got more than 540,000 followers, while her number on Instagram crosses 62,000. The flight attendant has a YouTube channel, as well, with over 34,000 subscribers. So she’s certainly found an audience!