This Mom Was Mowing The Lawn With A Baby Carrier On When A Sheriff’s Deputy Suddenly Pulled Over

We all know that sometimes a police officer can make us nervous. Although we respect and admire our boys (and girls) in blue, they can make us worry we’re doing something wrong. That might have been the case when an officer pulled over to speak to a mom mowing the lawn wearing a baby carrier.

New mom Rachael Brindley, of Madison County, Alabama, was finding out what a juggling act being a mother can be. Like any four-month-old, her son was plenty of work all by himself, but Rachael had other chores to handle. Those were, basically, all the things she had to do before but now with a baby in tow as well.

It wasn’t necessarily her job to do, but the lawn needed mowing, having been left to grow for a little while. Her husband Ryan might have ordinarily done the job, but he wasn’t on hand to get it done. However, it wasn’t something that bothered Rachael.

“[Ryan] has been working hard on a work project and hasn’t had time to cut it,” Rachael explained, speaking to Waff 48. “It was a nice day out and so I thought I’d help my husband out and cut it myself. I enjoy cutting the grass.”

Rachael added, “Everyone was out working in their yards and I thought, ‘Hey, I’ll mow my yard too.’ I have a small yard and it doesn’t take long to mow, so I wrapped up my little one secure in my Boba wrap and got about halfway done.”