A Woman Visited Washington's Olympic Game Farm In 2010 And Filmed A Bear Waving Back At Her

Image: YouTube/homefry815

The woman had heard about the Olympic Game Farm, but visiting the drive-through wildlife attraction in person was another experience entirely. What’s more, it only got more exciting when she saw one of the exhibit’s famous bears up close and personal. She was so close, in fact, that she even gave the animal a wave. And what happened next left her astonished.

Image: Analise Zocher

The wildlife exhibit in question is more properly known as the Olympic Game Farm (OGF), and it’s to be found in Sequim in the State of Washington. Notwithstanding its name, though, the attraction actually has a lot in common with wildlife parks. For one thing, the farm appeals to animal lovers, as it offers them the opportunity to get close to its furry and feathered residents.