In 2016 Two Men Filmed A Giant Alligator As It Walked Across A Golf Course In Florida

Image: YouTube/

In May 2016 Charles Helms was taking part in what should have been a simple round of golf at Buffalo Creek. And while this particular course is somewhat known for its alligators – this is Florida, after all – nothing could have prepared Helms for what happened next. You see, as Helms played the third hole, an enormous beast ambled onto the fairway and left everyone there flabbergasted.

Image: Facebook/Buffalo Creek Golf Course

So just how common is the sight of an alligator at this Palmetto-based club? Well, according to some golfers, it’s pretty much par for the course. “This is a great course because you see a lot of gators out here, and there’s some real big ones,” golfer Mike Taketa explained to CBS News in August 2016.