20 Times Where Cats Have Been Caught Doing Something Strange

Images: Codyjarrell / imdrobvious

It’s often said that cats choose their owners, not the other way around. So when a feline has a human in their sights, there’s not much a person can do but accept that they’ve been claimed. Here, we take a look at the 20 best times tenacious tabbies have left unsuspecting people crying “that’s not my cat.”

Image: Queen_Riotness

20. Cat gang claim new territory

A woman was just about to start her day when she found something unexpected on her doorstep. Looking out onto her porch, reddit user Queen_Riotness spotted a large clowder of cats cuddling up beside her door. “I live on a dairy farm and there are lots of cats here,” Queen_Riotness explained. “On the plus side, we have no rodents!”