Here Are The Explanations Behind 10 Bizarre Cat Behaviours

Image: YouTube/Odd But True

Although cats can be confusing creatures, there is apparently method to their madness. Many feline quirks can in fact be explained, so instead of shaking our heads at their oddball behavior, we should spend time understanding what they’re trying to communicate. Luckily, help is at hand in the form of this list. Read it and you’ll reach a deeper awareness of what your moggies are trying to tell you.

Image: Krista Mangulsone

10. Headbutting

Rather than instigating a brawl, when cats perform headbutts they do so with the best of intentions. There is even science behind their actions: the animals are transferring their smell onto you and leaving their feline fragrance on your forehead – or whichever body part they are rubbing against! Interestingly, there’s actually a name for this rather odd phenomenon. It’s called bunting.