20 Clever Hair Spray Tricks That You May Not Know About – And They Have Nothing To Do With Styling

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Before we go to work at the start of the day, our hair might need sprucing up for the hours ahead. So more often than not, we’ll pull out a can of hairspray to fix our bed head. But its uses don’t end there; so on that note, we’ve compiled a list of 20 other clever ways that you can use this popular product.

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20. Removing lint

Over the course of a normal week, we’re usually faced with the odd job around the house that drives us mad. Tasks like cleaning lint from our clothes and washing certainly come under that category. However, this mind-numbing activity can be made a lot easier with a bit of hairspray.

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To get rid of the lint, the website Shareably suggests that you grab a towel and apply some hairspray to the surface. Then, you just wipe it across the affected piece of clothing. And thanks to the cosmetic product, the lint should now stick to the cloth.

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19. Securing Screws

For some people, the thought of doing DIY sends a shiver down their spine. After all, not everyone is blessed with the required skills to pull the jobs off. But if you’re one of those people, there may be a solution for simpler tasks like reinforcing the odd screw at home.

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According to Shareably, you simply douse the nail in hairspray after putting it firmly in place. The product is apparently able to strengthen the bolt, which in turn lessens its chances of it coming loose in the near future.

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18. Self defense

When we venture into certain areas, we can sometimes feel vulnerable due to the surroundings. In those instances, it’s always handy to keep some pepper spray on our person. But what many don’t know is that hairspray can also be used to keep ourselves safe, Shareably argues.

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Regardless of a person’s build or size, they won’t be able to withstand a firm blast of liquid to the eyes. That’s especially true if the substance in question contains chemicals – like hairspray does. So, it might be an idea to keep a canister with us when we head out of the house.

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17. Preserving chalk drawings

As a parent, is there anything more satisfying than gazing upon your child’s creative works? Whether it’s a piece of writing or an artistic endeavor, you can’t help but feel a sense of pride. Unfortunately, though, drawings can be quite tough to maintain – depending on the materials that have been used.

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For instance, chalk has a tendency to smear from the slightest of brushes. But if you want to stop that from happening, Shareably claims that a bottle of hairspray could be the answer. A few squirts should help preserve the piece, so you can then stare at it lovingly for a little while longer.

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16. Smoothing out your curtains

Ironing can be a time-consuming job at the best of times, and it’s not just clothes which need creases removing. Other materials such as bed sheets and curtains require the same treatment, too. Unsurprisingly, they’re a lot harder to iron due to their size – but there may be a solution.

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The good people at Shareably claim that you can use hairspray to smooth out a curtain’s creases. All you have to do is apply the substance to the blinds and then shake them for a short period. Furthermore, thanks to that method, you don’t even need to remove the shutters from the rail.

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15. Reducing static

At some point in time, we’ve all received a static shock from a piece of clothing. Although it only lasts for a split second, it’s not the most pleasant sensation. But do you find that certain outfits seem to emit more of a charge than others? If so, you might want to pull out some hairspray.

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To explain more, Carolyn Forte of the Good Housekeeping Institute spoke to the magazine in September 2015. The director of the textiles and cleaning labs said, “Don’t use too much [hairspray]. Just spritz a little on your hands, and rub your skirt or tights to reduce static without damaging the fabric.”

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14. Clearing glue

When doing certain tasks around the house, we might need to use an adhesive material to stick something into place. And normally, glue is the perfect tool for the job. But there are a few downsides to consider as well – especially if the substance gets on our hands.

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Unsurprisingly, glue becomes very difficult to remove after a time, and that’s not good for our skin. So how do we resolve the issue? Yes, you guessed it; with a canister of hairspray. According to Shareably, the cosmetic product is able to reduce the stickiness of the adhesive – meaning we can pull it off our hands or any other surface area at home.

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13. Polishing metal

Regardless of how well kept your house is, spring cleaning can be an incredibly taxing job. Some items will be easier to polish than others, of course, but silverwear and metal ornaments can be especially tricky.

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There will be times when it feels impossible to remove smudges and marks from those items. But have no fear; Shareably argues that hairspray can replace standard polish – as the substance can wipe out any residing grime. And on top of that, it’ll stop the metal from picking up handprints, too.

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12. Stopping a pantyhose run

More often than not, maintaining the condition of an item of clothing isn’t that difficult. We just need to ensure that it’s regularly washed and ironed. Yet with something like pantyhose, we have to go a little further than that – watching out for any holes or runs that could potentially ruin them.

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Good Housekeeping magazine argues that hairspray might hold off the inevitable if a tear is found early enough. But Carolyn Forte looked to share a warning about this method during her conversation with the publication. She said, “It does make the fabric sticky, so don’t go overboard. But a little bit can keep the problem from getting worse.”

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11. Petrifying bugs

During our free time, we’re able to engage in our hobbies and interests. And whether it’s collecting vintage stamps or visiting certain places, these activities can be very rewarding. However, there are some passions that could be seen as a little unorthodox – like the stoking up of dead bugs.

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If you like collecting insects, we’ve got some important advice for you. According to Shareably, hairspray will keep your insects in immaculate condition and prevent them from decomposing. In addition to that, you can also kill bugs with the household product as well – should you suffer any kind of infestation.

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10. Protecting balloons

When the time comes to organize a party, you might need to stock up on a few essential items. Food and drink will obviously be at the top of the list, but if the event is for a younger person, there’s something else to consider too. Of course, we’re talking about balloons.

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Due to how delicate balloons can be, though, you might feel somewhat reluctant to splash out on them. After all, if they burst ahead of time, were they really worth the money? And a canister of hairspray could stop that from happening, Shareably argues, as the cosmetic liquid strengthens the flimsy rubber material.

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9. Saving your flowers

Has there ever been a time when you’ve wanted to keep hold of some old flowers, but couldn’t? Thankfully, there may be a way to save them from the bin. The website argues that you can simply sprinkle the bunch with a bit of hairspray, and this helps them maintain their appearance. Meanwhile, you can apparently stop the blooms from spreading pollen as well.

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Pollen can cause untold problems in the house – especially if it gets on certain surfaces. Forte explained to Good Housekeeping, “I’ve found that a little spritz of hairspray on the stamens of fresh flowers, like lilies and tulips, keeps the pollen grains from falling off and staining carpeting or fabrics. These stains are very difficult to remove.”

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8. Creating your own wrapping paper

Whether you’re wrapping presents for a birthday or Christmas, the process can be pretty stressful. Depending on the number of gifts you’ve got, you’ll have to judge how much wrapping paper to buy at the store beforehand. But if Shareably is to be believed, you can knock that particular activity on the head.

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Apparently, all you need is a bit of old newspaper and a bottle of hairspray. By spritzing it over the material, the paper becomes a little harder than normal. As a result of that, you can then utilize the pages as makeshift wrapping paper – giving the presents a unique appearance.

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7. Removing clothing stains

For some of us, the thought of facing down a clothing stain can be a pain. These marks have the potential to ruin any outfit in our closet, so we’re under pressure to fix the damage. Once again, though, we can call upon a canister of hairspray before taking on the challenge.

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Under normal circumstances, you’d be hard-pressed to remove blemishes like ink stains and lipstick marks with a standard product. Thankfully, Shareably says that you can use hairspray to get rid of both of them. In those two cases, we just have sprinkle the liquid over the affected area and dab it with a wipe.

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6. Stopping your shoes from slipping

After a while, you might notice that your shoes have started to slip beneath your feet. It can be pretty irritating at first, yet the problem could escalate as time goes on. And in the end, it can get to the stage where your appendages are beginning to blister.

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However, Shareably claims that hairspray can solve this nagging problem. By applying the cosmetic product to the heel of your shoes, they should stop slipping when you’re walking. Furthermore, a few bursts to the soles of your trotters will add some extra security as well.

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5. Getting rid of leather stains

There’s just something about leather seats, isn’t there? Not only do these chairs look beautiful, they also feel incredibly comfortable when we sit down, too. But the material can be quite tricky to maintain after a time, and stains can prove especially difficult to get rid of. As you could probably guess, though, there is a solution.

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With leather items, hairspray can be used as a makeshift cleaning product. To pull it off, Shareably argues that you just need to sprinkle the blemish with a few blasts. Following that, you scrub the residue off the surface. And when you do, you’ll notice that the stain is gone – restoring the material to normal.

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4. Preserving your makeup

As many of you will no doubt attest, men and women have different routines to complete ahead of a night out. Due to that, the latter will probably require a bit more time to get ready – as they look to apply makeup to their faces. But one of the downsides of these products is that they can run after a certain period.

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If that’s a frequent occurrence for you, here’s some advice to consider. Once all of your makeup is on, the website suggests that you should grab a bottle of hairspray. From there, give yourself a quick blast to the face. That simple action will preserve your appearance for the rest of the evening. Just remember to shut your eyes!

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3. Keeping your zipper up

Yes, you read that right. The zipper on our trousers does have a tendency to come down over the course of the day. Sometimes it can happen with little embarrassment, while on other occasions we’re not so lucky. So how does hairspray stop that from transpiring?

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According to Shareably, the solution to stopping yourself from flying low is quite simple. All you have to do is douse the zipper in hairspray before you leave your home in the morning. In turn, that will apparently prevent any mishaps in the office going forward.

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2. Removing pet hair

Owning a pet can be an incredibly rewarding experience – as the animal in question essentially becomes a member of the family. If we’re lucky, those years will be filled with tremendous memories that could last forever. But there is one thing that can drive us potty during that lengthy period.

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Of course, the fur from cats and dogs can end up all over the place and seem impossible to get rid of. Thankfully, though, a bit of hairspray could do the trick. After sprinkling a towel or cloth, we can use that to remove the hair, Shareably claims.

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1. Threading a needle

Do you like sewing at home? If so, you can probably relate to this. Threading a needle is arguably the most infuriating aspect of the practise – as you try to place the material through a miniscule gap. Surprisingly, hairspray could be just what you need to complete this tricky task.

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According to Good Housekeeping, you must hold on to the end of the thread before dousing it in hairspray. After that, you’re advised to “pinch” the area for a moment. The material will eventually harden – opening the door for you to stick it through the needle. From there, you can finally get to work with the sewing.