These Intelligent Hacks Will Help Take Your Tupperware Collection To The Next Level

If you ever need to store any leftover food in your kitchen, you can’t go wrong with a bit of Tupperware. But did you know that these plastic containers can be utilized in other creative ways? On that note, we’ve compiled a list of 20 hacks that’ll enable you to get the most out of your collection.

20. Makeshift camera case

Unsurprisingly, camera cases provide some welcome protection for your photography equipment when you go outside. However, if you don’t own a specialized cover, you could create one at home. All you need is a Tupperware box that matches the size of your camera, so the latter can just slip in.

As per the Ideal Home website, Tupperware can act as a water-resistant covering for your camera. But in addition to that, a blogger named nepheron suggested that the boxes could allow you to snap photos underwater as well. While writing for Instructables, he revealed that a few well-placed holes, along with a plastic lens and some expanding foam, would create an excellent case.

19. Remove stains with baking soda

If you opt to keep saucy foods inside Tupperware boxes, you’ll quickly come across an annoying issue. Indeed, the containers can get stained rather easily. And no matter how hard you try, the bothersome marks don’t seem to go away. Yet First for Women magazine offered up a potential solution.

According to the publication, you just need some water and baking soda to pull it off. By mixing the two together, you’ll create a “thick paste” that can be slathered across the stained Tupperware. After that, you should scour the inside of the box to finally remove the pesky marks.


18. Declutter with organizers

While Tupperware can be incredibly useful, it’s not always the easiest thing to store around the house. Before long, you could find yourself in a situation where the boxes are all over the place inside your cupboards and drawers. However, organizers might be able to nip that particular problem in the bud.

For instance, the Home Hacks website revealed that you can declutter your space with products like lid organizers, which keep the tops separate from their boxes. Alongside that, “corner shelf organizers” are just as helpful. These tiered tools allow you to stack up Tupperware without making a mess in the cupboard.


17. A “bits and bobs” box

Regardless of how tidy you are at home, there will no doubt come a time when you can’t locate certain odds and sods. From sets of batteries to small household tools, these items can be easily misplaced in different rooms. But according to Ideal Home, Tupperware could put a stop to that.

Instead of sticking your batteries or nails in forgettable spots, you can put them inside the plastic containers. And on top of that, you could also separate the items into their own boxes too. That way, you’ll know where to look when the time comes, as opposed to scrambling through your drawers.


16. Organize Tupperware with tension rods

Dividers are very effective tools in the kitchen, as they keep the room’s drawers organized. Yet they’re not always equipped, meaning some cabinets can become quite messy after a while. However, tension rods could serve the same purpose as a divider, with each one separating different spaces in the drawer.

So with that in mind, Home Hacks suggested that you might be able to organize your Tupperware collection with a set of tension rods. As per the website, the makeshift dividers are capable of holding the tops in place, while the containers can be stored in another part of the drawer.


15. Remove stains with a lemon

Stains can be difficult to get rid of at the best of times, but they’re especially problematic in Tupperware. Due to their usage, the containers pick up unseemly marks from leftover snacks as time goes on, leaving them messy. According to Simply Stated, though, a bit of creative thinking could fix that.

You see, the magazine said in an article, “Simply cut a lemon in half and rub the cut side over the stains on the plastic. Make sure that some of the juice is squeezed on to the stained plastic as well. Then allow [it] to dry in the sun, and wash as normal.”


14. Create a birdbath

Depending on the size of your garden, you might not have the space to utilize an ornamental birdbath. These stone objects are perfect for attracting all types of birds, but you could create a smaller alternative. As per Ideal Home, you just need a spare Tupperware box and a bit of string.

That’s right, you’ll be able to tie the container to a tree and fill it with water. Just like a traditional birdbath, that should entice a few animals into the yard. Meanwhile, the website claimed that the hanging Tupperware could hold bird feed as well if you fancied something different.


13. Tupperware turntable

If you’re not too careful, your Tupperware collection can cause chaos in the kitchen. Given their different shapes and sizes, the boxes don’t always stack on top of each other inside the cabinets. As a result of that, there’s nothing stopping the containers from tumbling out once you open the doors.

However, Home Hacks offered up a potential solution to the problem. Indeed, the website suggested that a Tupperware turntable could keep your collection under control. Not only that, but the spinning item should make it a lot easier to locate certain boxes when you require them too, eliminating any frustration.


12. Remove stains with bleach

As we all know, bleach is a powerful substance that can wipe out dirt and grime in certain parts of the house. But were you aware that it’s capable of axing Tupperware stains as well? According to First for Women, the chemical is particularly effective against marks left by tomato products.

To get the best results, the magazine noted that you must fill the stained box with water and a couple of tablespoons of bleach. From there, leave the mixture to sit until the next day, by which point the stains should be gone. Yet First for Women also made it clear that the hack was better suited for “high-quality containers.”


11. Makeshift butter holder

If you don’t buy your butter in tubs, there’s a good chance that you’ll utilize some kind of holder to keep the spread in place. Ceramic dishes usually fit the bill in that respect, yet you could opt for a simple alternative. As reported by Ideal Home, Tupperware containers might be worth considering.

The website claimed that butter could better retain its freshness inside one of the plastic boxes. As for how you’d get to it, it was suggested that the Tupperware should be turned upside down with the spread sitting on top of the lid. The bottom of the container, which acts as a cover, can then get lifted off.


10. Organize Tupperware with wooden dividers

Unsurprisingly, not every kitchen has the same aesthetic, with some people opting for wooden drawers and cupboards over the plastic alternatives. Keeping that in mind, those individuals probably went for dividers that matched their chosen material as well. Home Hacks claimed that Tupperware collections could thrive in spaces like that.

Thanks to the sturdiness of wooden dividers, Tupperware containers can be packed in with little to no fuss. To give you an example, the website suggested that some of the lids could sit in a slimmer space away from the boxes. As for the latter, they’d be stacked on top of each other in the larger area, decluttering the drawer.


9. Create a cooking pot

When preparing food in the kitchen, you might have a host of cooking utensils available to you. But did you know that Tupperware could also come under that category? You see, in addition to storing leftovers, Ideal Home stated that the plastic boxes were capable of acting as “cooking pots.”

According to the website, you’re able to steam vegetables inside the newer products. Furthermore, some of the older containers can be utilized in the microwave too. So if you’ve got a curry dish or casserole in need of warming up, the food could sit in a Tupperware pot on a “medium” cooking temperature.


8. Separate Tupperware with CD racks

If you prefer to own physical copies of your favorite music, you’ll no doubt have plenty of CD racks around the house. However, those holders could be utilized for a very different purpose as well. As per Home Hacks, you might be able to move them into a drawer with your Tupperware collection.

Although the racks won’t be big enough to hold the entire container, the tops should slide into place with no problem, just like a CD case. So you’ll now have a handy spot to keep them organized in the kitchen. And as for the boxes, they can sit next to them inside the drawer.


7. Remove stains with sunlight

Over time, direct sunlight can cause major damage to numerous objects around the house and in the yard. For instance, colors will potentially fade on furniture and garden ornaments thanks to its incredible power. However, First for Women magazine revealed that it could have the same effect on Tupperware stains.

The publication suggested that this unique method could be pulled off quite easily. All you need to do is run the stained container under a tap and scrub it, before placing it in a sunny spot. After that, you should leave the Tupperware there until the light strips out the color.


6. Declutter with a bigger box

When you’re struggling for space, a large plastic box could be just what you need. These cheap containers can hold plenty of items, freeing up your cabinets and drawers for other purposes. On that note, Home Hacks claimed that you might be able to declutter your Tupperware collection with one of them.

Due to the size of the boxes, you might have the opportunity to keep all of your containers in one place. Alongside that, the website brought up an additional suggestion. Some of the aforementioned tubs could fit into your kitchen cupboards, so the Tupperware can stay in the same room as before.


5. Makeshift first aid kit

From bandages to medication, first aid kits are handy to keep around just in case something bad happens. But instead of relying on store-bought boxes, Ideal Home reported that you could create your own makeshift kit. All you need is a spare Tupperware container.

After picking out a box, you can start to personalize your homemade kit with whatever you require. And on top of that, you could create several more to use in different spots, like your vehicle or place of employment. As the website noted, that method will save you a fair bit of cash.


4. Organize Tupperware with magazine rack

Magazine racks are simple tools that can prevent your house from becoming too cluttered. So instead of piling up your reading materials in the corner of a room, you put them away in the metal container, which resembles a folder. As it turns out, though, those items are more than capable of storing Tupperware lids too.

Yes, Home Hacks noted that a standard magazine rack was small enough to fit on the door of a cupboard. With that in mind, the website suggested that it could actually be fastened into the space, allowing you to separate the tops from their containers. In turn, that should give you more room in the cabinet.


3. Create a car bin

Keeping your car clean isn’t the easiest of tasks, especially when your passengers are prone to eating snacks on the road. Due to that, the interior could be covered in crumbs and empty packets by the time you park up. However, those problems can be averted if you bring a Tupperware box with you.

According to Ideal Home, the container can be fitted with a rubbish bag to stop it from getting too filthy. The lining will also prevent the development of a nasty scent inside the Tupperware. As a result, you can have a makeshift bin in your vehicle that you can empty after every journey.


2. Declutter with dish drainers

Dish drainers make washing up a lot easier, as you can just stack the plates along the wiry frame when you’ve scrubbed them. But did you know that the helpful tool can be utilized in other ways around the kitchen? As per Home Hacks, you could use it to organize your Tupperware collection.

Indeed, the website noted that a dish drainer would be a cost-effective way to tidy your overflowing cabinets. Thanks to its size, it can fit at the bottom and hold the lids within its metal frame. Incredibly, you could stack up over 15 tops, making plenty of room along the way.


1. Remove stains with TikTok hack

In July 2020 Adi Kempler shared a post on TikTok that quickly went viral. The video showcased a unique trick to removing Tupperware stains, as Kempler filled up a container with hot water and soap. Then, she dropped a paper towel into the mixture, before shaking it for up to 60 seconds.

By the end of the video, the Tupperware’s marks had gone. Speaking to the BuzzFeed website in August 2020, she said, “My stepmom actually showed [the trick] to me. She’s been doing it for years prior to getting nicer glass containers, so she gave me the tip when I was having trouble getting rid of stains.” Her post has since earned more than 565,000 likes on TikTok.