A Shepherd Dog Was Adopted By A Rescue Farm In New Jersey, And He Made Friends With All The Animals

Image: YouTube/SlideShow ForFun

When Farley the Australian shepherd dog first arrived at what was to become his forever home in New Jersey in 2016, he had to learn to ignore his natural instincts. The other animals at the rescue center were of a sensitive temperament, and the pup had to work hard to keep his impulses in check. Indeed, the doggo became an all-round good guy and a great pal to all the other residents. But then one day Farley found some new arrivals in a cardboard box, and his natural urges took over – but not the ones you may think…

Image: Facebook/Funny Farm Rescue

To be more specific, Farley lives at Funny Farm Rescue, a charitable animal sanctuary founded and run by 49-year-old Laurie Zaleski back in the year 2000. The not-for-profit rescue shelter stands on 15 acres of private property in Mays Landing, New Jersey. But, as its unusual name implies, this is not just any old farm.