Here Are The Explanations Behind The 20 Distinctive Dog Behaviors

Image: Animal Channel

We welcome dogs into our homes, our lives and our families to share some of our most personal moments. But what do we really know about the mutt in our midst? What’s going on behind those adorable puppy-dog eyes, and why do they insist on watching you poop? Don’t be dogged by insecurity at being left in the dark; here is an enlightening list of 20 bow-wow behaviors laid bare…

Image: YamaBSM

20. Why do pooches lean against you and give you paws?

You’re watching TV, and you suddenly feel the extra weight of your dog pushing against your leg. Perhaps the pupper even pats at you with a proffered paw – what’s that all about? Well, it means that your pet wants your love. Such behavior is a sign of doggy devotion, and the obvious answer is they just want to be close to you. It is also a subtle request for more affection – so ignore the screen and don’t forget those ear scratches, human!