In 2018 A Vet Shaved A Neglected Dog's Overgrown, Tangled Fur And Saw That He'd Lost Half Of His Leg

Image: RSPCA via ITV

Staff at the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA) in England and Wales are no strangers to dealing with appallingly neglected creatures. But in early June 2018 some of the charitable agency’s officers tended to a dog in such a pitiful state that even they were left reeling by the harrowing experience. The poor pooch had been dumped down a dead-end street in the village of Eye, near Cambridge, in the east of England. A group of teenagers stumbled across the abandoned animal by the roadside before calling for help – and thank goodness they did.

Image: RSPCA via Sky News

In fact, the poodle-cross – who has since been named Benji – was in such a dire condition that it was difficult even for the RSPCA operatives to positively identify him as a dog. The unfortunate canine’s fur was severely matted together in a disgusting clump. Benji was dangerously dehydrated and unable to move. It was obvious to the animal welfare officers that he had been callously deserted and left to die alone – and the end looked near. Nevertheless, the worst was yet to be uncovered…