A Farmer From Argentina Saved A Young Condor, And After He'd Set Him Free The Bird Returned

Image: Facebook/Glass Walls

When an Argentinian farmer named Edgardo found an injured baby condor on his land, he decided to nurse the creature back to health. And, heartwarmingly, the rancher did all that he could to ensure the bird would thrive in the wild. Little did he know, though, that the condor would eventually return.

Image: Loïc Mermilliod

The Andean condor is the biggest flying bird on the planet when its wingspan and weight are both taken into account. And as the vulture’s name suggests, it can typically be seen in the Andes mountain range – although it is also known to dwell along the western Pacific coast of South America. In many countries on the continent, then, the Andean condor serves as a national emblem.