In 2017 Rescuers Found A Cat With Purple Paws Who Had Escaped The Dog Fighting Ring

Image: Facebook/Naples Cat Alliance

As the president of a busy rescue shelter in Florida, Megan Sorbara was hardened to seeing extreme signs of all kinds of abuse on the unfortunate animals admitted into her facility. Which is why the 49-year-old was so confused when animal control officers presented her with a perfectly healthy cat in mid-2017. However, on closer inspection, the animal lover saw that the feline’s paws had been colored purple. It came as a physical shock; Sorbara’s heart broke and she was sickened to her stomach.

Image: Naples Cat Alliance

Sorbara founded the non-profit charity Naples Cat Alliance in her hometown in 2013. Since then, the organization based on the Gulf of Mexico has operated a no-kill animal shelter which rescues injured or neglected cats and re-homes strays. In addition, it operates a Trap-Neuter-Return program to control stray cat numbers.