In 2013 Worth A Shot Farm In Kentucky Uploaded A Video Of Two Foal Siblings Playing With A Toy

Image: YouTube/WorthAShotFarm

It’s every parent’s dream for their children to get on with each other. Not only does it mean less time spent trying to stop them arguing, but siblings can also show one another the ropes in life. And this little foal’s sibling showed their support in an unorthodox manner during his hour of need.

Image: Facebook/Worth A Shot Farm

The video of the frolicking ponies was taken at Worth A Shot Farm in Huntsville, Kentucky. The farm, run by Allison Armento, specializes in breeding sport and warmblood horses and ponies. In addition, it trains the animals in disciplines such as dressage and equitation. Everyone has to start somewhere, of course, and for young Disaronno it looked like the days of elegant dressage were many moons away.