Revitalize Your Home By Parting Ways With These Decor Items

Conventional wisdom is that trends come and go, but style is forever. We’re not sure that’s entirely accurate — sometimes true style can seem frustratingly elusive! Still, we agree that trends are transient by their nature. What is in vogue one day can be totally passé the next, all because culture has shifted under your feet. In fact, your favorite décor items could actually be horrifically outdated, but don’t worry: we’ve got your back!

1. Mason jars

When we were first handed a mason jar with a straw to drink soda from at a barbecue in 2010, we freely admit we were charmed. “Wow, these are usually only used for jam and pickles,” we said with a smile and an amused chuckle. Nowadays, though, the bloom is off the rose, and using mason jars as cups, candle-holders, storage containers, and literally anything else you could dream up is seen as cheap and tacky. Oh well, it was fun while it lasted!

2. Futons

If you aren’t a college student, you should not have a futon in your living room. Not only to do they give off major dorm-room vibes, but they’re also super-uncomfortable for anyone above the age of 30. Interior designer Paynter Rhed told website Insider, “Many people use these as a bed for visiting guests, but speaking from experience, I'd rather sleep on a comfortable sofa than a futon with metal bars digging into my back.” Say goodbye to the days of futons!

3. White kitchens

You know that sleek, monochrome white/gray kitchen look that was once all the rage? Well, that style is on its way out, according to experts. Editorial director Anthony Barzilay Freund told Elle Décor magazine, “The decline in white and gray reflects our ongoing desire to make our homes, in which we’ve all come to spend more time, feel special and layered. Patterns and colors… are visually interesting and also feel emotionally reassuring.” Go bold or go home!

4. Tile countertops

Homeowners, apparently tile countertops should be left in the ’70s and ’80s where they belong. Interior designer Zoe Warren explained to House Beautiful magazine, “Not only are they now outdated, but the grout is a breeding ground for dirt and bacteria.” She added, “If you have tiled countertops, make the switch to natural stone or concrete counters.” Dirty countertops? Not trendy! It’s time to say adieu to those grimy tiles.