Hilarious Dog Halloween Costumes Are The Real Highlight Of The Season

Halloween gives you the freedom to dust off those creative cobwebs and make some clever costumes. But how could you improve on the results? Dogs! Lots of dogs! It’s all about dressing up your furry family members this year, and the more ridiculous and inventive the costumes, the better. Here are our favorite dog costumes that prove you shouldn’t keep your pooch in the doghouse at the spookiest time of the year.

1. Puppywise the clown

If Pennywise the creepy clown from Stephen King’s It was as cute as Chowder here, he’d lure far more victims into his lair. “We all float down here,” Pennywise said, but Chowder lightens people in a different way. She’s a model and a therapy dog, so she’s always around to cheer up those who need it. When she’s not being spoopy, of course.

2. All the better to eat you with

Taking inspiration from fairytales, this Halloween costume brings you not just one source of cuteness but two! The girl’s Little Red Riding Hood costume’s adorable. And when you add a husky — a dog breed that looks incredibly close to wolves anyway — as “grandma” it’s a winning formula. One commenter added, “Guess whose hooman gets a trick tonight? Probably in their shoe?”

3. Batdog

Okay, so there’s already a Bat-Hound in the DC comic universe canon, but let’s be honest: he doesn’t look anywhere near as majestic as this gorgeous Golden Retriever. There’s no fan involved; the wind just blows atmospherically whenever he strikes a pose. Well, we might be exaggerating a bit there, but can you blame us? He’s so darn cute!

4. Simply magic

Have you ever wondered what The Blair Witch Project would look like if it was recreated by dogs? And if not, what’s wrong with you? Clearly it’d be a chilling masterpiece if this horrifying Halloween effort’s anything to go by. Go on, admit it, you’d watch this. We’d certainly pay good money to see how it plays out.