A Guy Spent $107 Transforming This Dingy Basement Into A Rustic Cabin, And The Results Are Awesome

From a tired, gloomy basement to a timber-clad man cave that wouldn’t look out of place in the Rockies, you won’t believe what this imgur user has created for himself. And what’s more, he managed to do it on a budget of just $107. Epic.

Most of the timber imgur user oldblue started off with was completely free, with it having been salvaged from shipping crates. After breaking the crates apart, he was left with dozens of strips of rough-cut pine, and they were the ideal building blocks for his cabin-themed cave.

But this DIY genius was keen on getting the look just right. So, before he used the timber planks, he decided to give them a bit of a makeover. Using a drawknife, oldblue stripped the boards’ edges to create a more handmade appearance.

With the timber prepped, it was time to get on with the build, starting with the cave’s walls. And with just a few strips of pine fixed to the perimeter, oldblue’s dingy basement already began to look lighter and more inviting.

The basement’s air vents and supports were hidden behind the cladding, while oldblue later put up a real-looking roof. Concealed behind the cladding, meanwhile, is a secret store room; the way it’s hidden is genius, but more on that later.