How To Tell If You’re A Dog Person Or A Cat Person

If you think your pet preference says nothing about you, then you’re barking up the wrong tree! Studies show that whether you choose to welcome a cat or a dog into your life can reveal a lot about your own, ahem, purr-sonality. We’ve gathered a series of traits common to cat owners and dog owners to help us decide whether it’s true. Are researchers just chasing their tails?

Cat people are neurotic

According to studies, it’s true! In 2010 the University of Texas carried out an online poll with 4,565 people that indicated those who preferred cats were more prone to worry and anxiety than dog-lovers.

It makes sense, right? Cat-lovers are introverts, so they spend more time with their own thoughts looking inward. And out of the window of course, but it’s much warmer indoors!

Dog people are less likely to be stressed or anxious

Do dogs ever look stressed to you? Their main concern is where the next meal comes from, or where their human tossed that stick: the same apparently generally applies to dog fans.

Well, they’re not so concerned with sticks, but for better or worse, dog people tend to be a bit more thick-skinned than their sensitive feline-loving friends. It would be a “paw” world if we were all the same.

Cat people prefer sci-fi and fantasy

If you want someone to cuddle up to and watch The Lord of the Rings, a cat person’s a better bet, according to a 2016 Facebook study, which compared data from 160,000 pet owners.

“Cat people are disproportionately fans of sci-fi and fantasy,” the researchers blogged. It wasn’t just movies either: they gravitate towards books of the same genre, too. Maybe they just like tall “tails?” 

Dog people love rom-coms

“Dog people show a preference for love stories,” the Facebook blog revealed. When it comes to novels, dog people generally like something that stirs the heart: Eat, Pray, Love or The Notebook, anyone?

Movie-wise, Marley & Me is the order of the day! But they’re also into rom-coms, and have an affinity for the… err… racy film, Fifty Shades of Gray. Maybe they thought it was fur-fty shades?