Dog Who Weathered 14 Failed Adoptions Sees His Luck Finally Turn Around

Ronald was just like any other puppy; all he wanted to do was shower a loving family with affection. But compared to a lot of other young dogs, Ronald was pretty huge for his age, which led 14 potential owners to turn him away. Following heartbreak after heartbreak, he probably thought he’d never find his forever home – until his luck changed forever thanks to social media.

How it all started...

It all began back in December 2022. At that stage, Ronald and a pair of his siblings were transferred from a North Carolina animal shelter to the SPCA of Wake County: this particular Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals facility is located in Raleigh. Following their arrival, it didn’t take long for the pup’s sisters to find new families. Yet he wasn’t so fortunate on that front.

A serious problem

Now, that’s not to say that Ronald was lacking potential suitors. He’s a beautiful dog! But each time it looked like he was on the verge of saying goodbye to the SPCA, the puppy’s hopes were dashed. As we noted earlier, this had happened on 14 separate occasions — all within a five-week period. Before long, the people at the shelter knew they had a serious problem on their hands.

Too big to handle?

The problem was 63 pounds and counting: Ronald’s sizable frame definitely seemed to be a factor in all of those failed adoptions. Yes, he was definitely a big boy! Mind you, that wasn’t the only issue. Going into more detail, the SPCA’s Samantha Ranlet spoke to The Washington Post newspaper in January 2023.

“Clumsy and goofy”

Ranlet revealed, “It was just all different versions of that combination of being really playful and kind of clumsy and goofy and still working on his manners, in combination with his large size.” It was a mix that proved to be too much for a lot of people. Adopting a big dog isn’t always a piece of cake!