This Couple Spent 20 Years Building A Self-Sufficient Floating Island Home, And It’s Awesome

When Wayne and his partner Catherine decided to go off-grid, they did it in style. Indeed, after more than two decades of work, you’ll scarcely believe the amazing structure that they’ve built in a remote corner of Canada. It’s mind-blowing.

In 1992 Wayne Adams and Catherine King had had enough of life in the city. So, they decided to make a daring move, leaving the hectic urban streets far behind and heading deep into the beautiful, rugged Canadian wilderness.

The Canadian couple, now 68 and 60 respectively, decided to build their new life near Tofino, British Columbia. With less than 2,000 residents, the town on the west coast of Vancouver Island is pretty remote, but what this intrepid couple had in mind was even more extreme.

Outside of the town in a quiet inlet, Adams and King began to construct a formidable, off-grid floating structure. Now, over 20 years since they began this epic construction project, their floating home is an incredible, multi-colored palace.

Freedom Cove, as they named it, is made up of 12 separate platforms all interlinked by walkways. Aboard this floating Eden, then, the couple live a completely self-sufficient lifestyle. And, needless to say, it’s pretty idyllic.