Rescuers Saved A Litter Of Cats From A Storm Drain, Then Saw Their True Nature

Whether stuck up trees or trapped under houses, there’s no shortage of places that cats and kittens can get stuck. Sometimes you need to call the professionals in to make sure that these careless — yet precious — critters are safe. Here’s a surprising story about a kitty rescue that’ll tug at your heartstrings like a ravenous tomcat…

Tails of the city

The setting is a sun-drenched Los Angeles: a place of movie stars, palm trees and, of course, a lion’s share of kitty cats. Down in the city is a location called Cats At The Studios. It sounds swanky, and in a sense it is. This nonprofit organization watches out for the unwary, and indeed furry. 

Kitty litter

A collection of beds are available for homeless moggies to crash in, kind of like a hairy hotel. Cats At The Studios and its dedicated team are always keeping an eye out for stray animals. Though this time, they were caught off-guard by a truly surprising discovery. Unbeknown to them, a family of furballs was living right under their noses. 

A storm is coming

When we say noses, we aren’t messing around. You see, it was revealed that a gang of super-cute kittens were hanging out… inside a smelly storm drain. How did this crazy situation come to be? Well, people were aware of a feral kitty who’d been doing the rounds. They’d been trying to catch her for a couple of years! 

How does “It” happen?

What they didn’t appear to know was that she had babies, who were now visible through the entrance to the drain. This really wasn’t the place to raise a family, furry or otherwise. Storm water could wash them away. Plus there’s always the possibility of a killer clown or two lurking around below the pavement, as per Stephen King!