20 Couples Whose Halloween Costumes Were Totally Killer

Everyone knows that one guy or gal who pulls out all the stops at Halloween. Indeed, it feels like every year they’re upping the ante with their incredible get-ups. It’s not just solo partygoers who have all the fun, though. In fact, there are some amazing couples’ costumes out there, too – from classic TV and movie characters to more outside-the-box outfits. Yeah, these are all totally killer.

20. LEGO bride and groom

We can’t imagine these are the most practical costumes to spend an evening in, but then the best ones never are. It’s really the attention to detail we love about these LEGO mini-figure costumes – from the disproportionate heads to the accurate LEGO flowers. And, of course, those classic smiley faces.

19. Daft Punk

Halloween costumes that look deliberately homemade can be awesome in a kitsch way. But the ones that look like they’ve had real effort put into them are often even more mind-blowing. It’s clear that this couple take Daft Punk seriously, and props to them for doing so, because these outfits are incredible.

18. Toy soldiers

It takes some dedication to paint yourself entirely green and stand still as a statue all night. Okay, so they probably broke character at some point, but these toy soldiers are impressive nonetheless. And we bet they managed to prank more than a few drunk partygoers…

17. Edward Scissorhands and his topiary bush


The best couples’ costumes think outside the box. Rather than pairing Edward Scissorhands with one of the other, more forgettable characters from the Tim Burton-directed movie, this inventive couple have come up with… a topiary bush. Of course, this costume idea may be a lot more fun for one of them…

16. The Shining twins

Remember the creepy little girls from The Shining? Well, now they’re all grown up. And one of them has a beard. They’re just as chilling here, though, thanks to the awesome makeup, wig and matching outfits. Oh, and the splattered blood. We think we’re going to have to go lie down…

15. Jay and Silent Bob


You don’t always need to put an extreme amount of effort into a costume to pull it off. Or at least, you don’t if you already bear a striking resemblance to the characters you’re trying to portray. And this pair’s similarity to Jay and Silent Bob, even before donning the outfits, is remarkable.

14. Jack Skellington and Sally

The craziest thing about these astonishing The Nightmare Before Christmas costumes? Those aren’t masks. It’s all been achieved through makeup, in fact, transforming this couple into real-life cartoon characters. The only catch is that they have to keep their eyes closed at all times. Let’s hope someone’s kind enough to guide them around…

13. Bob Ross and a painting


When your hair naturally looks like this, you’d basically be doing yourself and everyone else a disservice by not going as Bob Ross. The idea to have his girlfriend dress as one of his paintings is absolutely ingenious, though – as long as the next step is her wearing white, and him painting it from scratch.

12. Aladdin and his carpet

When you think of Aladdin-themed couples’ costume ideas, this probably isn’t where your head goes first. But it’s safe to say that it should go there at some point, because it’s frankly awesome. Let’s just hope Aladdin doesn’t try to stand on his flying carpet, however, or it could end painfully.

11. Pyramid Head and a nurse


Not every couples’ costume sticks to Halloween’s spooky traditions. But when they do, it can be absolutely terrifying – like this pair of Silent Hill-inspired outfits. Even if you’ve never played the games or seen the movies, you just know these two are going to creep out everyone they meet.

10. Puppet master and puppet

This costume may look simple, but a lot of it comes down to the movement. Indeed, if the couple can pull off looking like an authentic puppeteering pair, we’ll be totally impressed. That said, it seems like she’s got the body language on point even just from this still photo.

9. Captain Kirk and Uhura


Okay, so it might not technically be TV’s first interracial kiss. That honor apparently belongs to the 1959 British TV adaptation of Hot Summer Night, a play by Ted Willis. But this is still an inspired Star Trek costume nevertheless, and the Toshiba TV frame just adds that perfect finishing touch.

8. Rey and BB-8

Not having a significant other shouldn’t stop you from doing couples’ costumes. Just take this aspiring desert scavenger from a galaxy far, far away, for instance. Indeed, this awesome Rey from Star Wars: The Force Awakens still has her BB-8 droid companion, thanks to her clearly very patient pooch.

7. Harry and Marv


Dressing up as the Wet Bandits from Home Alone could have been a really easy costume, but these guys took it to the next level. Indeed, they’ve added all manner of incredible references to the pair’s on-screen misfortune at the hands of young Kevin McCallister. The more you look, the more you’ll spot…

6. An old guy and his escort

This man pulled out all the stops for his friend after she suffered an “unhappy triad” – tearing multiple ligaments in her leg – just before Halloween. Yes, instead of staying in and missing out, he told her to dress up as an old rich guy. Then, he donned an escort outfit and wheeled her around town. That’s true friendship for you.

5. Yin and yang


Talk about using your height difference to your advantage. After all, this really wouldn’t have worked if he wasn’t dramatically taller than her. We’ll just ignore the fact that when separated, she looks like she’s come dressed as an apostrophe, and instead focus on how they’ve even gone to the trouble of dressing in opposite colors, too.

4. Jabba the Hutt and Princess Leia

Remember that iconic scene from the beginning of Return of the Jedi? You know, the one that turned out to be a sexual awakening for an entire generation of nerds. Well, this is that, but flipped on its head. We’re not sure what’s more hilarious – the guy dressed in Leia’s bikini, or the positively awful Jabba costume.

3. Snapchat filters


Once again, it’s the details that reign supreme in this awesome idea, such as the golden butterflies around her head. After all, we’re all familiar with that particular Snapchat filter. Just don’t ask us which one is supposed to make you shrink by at least a foot…

2. Joyce Byers and Jim Hopper

Fans of Netflix’s Stranger Things will have easily been able to spot this pair in a crowd. Indeed, their costumes are totally on point, from Hopper’s hat and mug to Joyce’s fairy lights and landline telephone. And it helps that they already bear a keen resemblance to Winona Ryder and David Harbour, of course.

1. Two-in-one


What happens when your partner can’t make your Halloween party? Well, you go dressed as both of you, obviously. Okay, so maybe that wouldn’t be everyone’s first thought, but it was clearly this guy’s. And to his credit, he’s pulled it off brilliantly, right down to shaving precisely half his beard.