20 U.S. Road Trips Everyone Should Add To Their 2023 Itinerary

Sure, flying may be a convenient way to travel, but just think how much you miss between takeoff and landing. That's why road trips make for such memorable vacations: even if car travel slows you down, you're bound to drive by wonders you never realized were there. From sea to shining sea, the United States features a number of panoramic roads. However, these 20 routes stand out as the very best. And don't worry if you don't have a full tank of gas — You might just live closer to some of these stunning locales than you think!

1. Going-to-the-Sun Road

The higher up, the better the view, right? Well, that's definitely the case for this road in Montana's Glacier National Park. With hairpin turns 7,000 feet above sea level, you certainly won't be left wanting for a scenic viewpoint. Just go careful on those bends, and make sure to pull over if you want to take in the stunning vista!

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If you take the plunge and head for the 51-mile route, be sure to check out Lake McDonald. Famed for rainbow-colored rocks and crystal-clear waters, it's the perfect spot for a pitstop. Given the soaring popularity of this route, the National Park Service has brought in a pre-booking system. So, don't forget to book your spot early if you want to avoid a wasted journey and a car full of sad faces! 

Top tip: The clue is in the name — National Glacier ParkWith extreme weather conditions for a large portion of the year, the road is only open during the summer months. Depending on the conditions, the road will usually open in mid-June, and stay open until around October.

2. Great River Road

The Great River Road is actually far more than just one road. In fact, it's a mighty collection of local scenic byways that span a whopping ten states and hundreds of towns. If you were to tackle the whole thing in one go, you'd be looking at around 36 hours of solid driving to get from Minnesota to Louisiana. Don't let those numbers put you off, though. The river views along the 3,000-mile drive are well worth it. 

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Though it runs along almost the entire Mississippi, Louisiana's stretch of the Great River Road takes the cake. Locals say the crown jewel of the road is Oak Alley, a plantation home surrounded by mighty old trees. Of course, a stop-off in New Orleans while you're there is also a must. Stop for the jambalaya; stay for the jazz. 

Top tip: The route is known for being well-marked, but to make sure you keep on track, look out for the signature green and white signs. Following the pilot’s wheel logo will keep you on the designated roads that follow the meandering Mississippi.