Adorable Photos Of Animals Eating That Are An Instant Serotonin Boost

Surely the only thing cuter than pictures of happy animals is pictures of happy animals eating food? Well, prepare to feast your eyes on these. We’ve gathered the cutest, silliest, funniest, and most ridiculous photographs from around the internet of our furry friends enjoying mealtime. You have never seen a photo list quite this adorable. Trigger warning: happy hormones incoming.

1. “My compliments to the chef!”

Here we have a frankly awesome photo from 1958. It shows a young chimpanzee called Kokomo Jr. sitting at a table in the New York City apartment of his owner eating a plate of cherries with a spoon. Kokomo Jr. is dressed up to the nines in a waistcoat and a shirt, complemented with a bow tie. How dapper he does look as he enjoys a dose of vitamin C? Cherry nice! 

2. Baby’s first meal

“Aww,” is the first thing that comes out of our mouths when we see this snap of a teen tiny kitty being bottle-fed by a caring human. This particular newborn kitten was orphaned, but it is clinging on to its human for dear life with its tiny paws whilst sucking on the bottle. Wherever you are now, tiny kitten, we hope you’re thriving.

3. “Noodles for one, please”

This male cockatiel looks pretty pleased with himself. Just look at that cheeky grin. And no wonder, as this sneaky yellow-headed parrot, native to Australia, has landed on a fine meal of flavored noodles. It looks as though he’s crept up to his owner’s dinner plate when their back was turned and then proceeded to suck up the noodles through his beak. Thankfully, someone got photographic evidence of this moment and caught this cheeky chappie in the act!

4. Mr. Steal Yo’ Pancakes

One thing about having a dog as a pet is that they’re almost always hungry. Even when they’ve just eaten — or literally in the process of eating! — they still want your food. So, if there’s a pooch in your home, prepare to be on red alert all the time. Because if you turn your back or leave the table for two seconds, this photo happens. A ravenous canine like this cheeky corgi will try to get on the table and steal your pancakes, or whatever else you’re eating. But how can you be mad when it looks as adorable as that?