40 Spooky Ouija Board Encounters With The Other Side – And They Aren’t For The Faint-Hearted

It seems simple enough – a Ouija board features only the letters of the alphabet, numbers zero through nine, and the words “goodbye,” “yes” and “no.” However, the simple rectangle can supposedly connect us with spirits who answer questions through the board’s movable planchette. It sounds like it could be fun to chat with an eternal being. However, some Ouija board sessions can connect users with the wrong kinds of spirits. And the results can be unnerving.

40. Some spirits prefer silence

Two best friends used their Ouija board to contact spirits, but the one they got wasn’t interested in speaking to them. Sharing their experience with BuzzFeed Community, they revealed, “We finally outright asked, ‘Is there anyone here who would like to talk to us?’ The planchette slowly moved over to the letters ‘N-O.’” And when they asked the ghost’s name? It replied back “S-H-S-H.” Point taken.

39. Twist my arm, why don’t you?

One alarmed Ouija user named Justin told Reader’s Digest that he and some friends whipped out a board, and it seemed a spirit wanted to speak to them. But rather than answering the questions they asked, the ghost moved the planchette in an X shape across the board. Justin said it “felt like it was some kind of hex,” and maybe he was right. After he fell asleep that night, he woke up when he felt someone forcefully pulled his arm – but everyone was still asleep.

38. Check the clock

In 2015, one Redditor said that they asked the spirit communicating through the Ouija board to tell them the time. There weren’t any clocks or watches in the room, so those playing couldn’t cheat and move the planchette themselves. Once the spirit answered the question, the Redditor ran out of the room to check – and the board had given the right time down to the minute.

37. Never Ouija alone

A woman named Ossiana told Reader’s Digest that she once played with her Ouija board alone. It sounds creepy, but she didn’t come into contact with any ghosts, so she started to put it all the spirit-detecting accoutrements away. Then, she realized that the planchette had started moving all on its own – and, needless to say, Ossiana vowed to “never try that again.”