In 1985 a Plane Crashed, Killing Everyone on Board. Now Two Guys Just Found Its Black Box…‏

It’s the stuff of nightmares, but for the passengers and crew on Eastern Air Lines Flight 980 it was definitely happening. And as the reality of the situation began to present itself to the passengers, the horror on board can only be imagined. The flight’s fate became a tragedy; one that’s been shrouded in mystery for too long.

More than three decades since the accident happened, a team of mountaineers have discovered an important part of the plane that could reveal what actually occurred during that fateful day. But how had it remained undetected for so long?

Eastern Air Lines Flight 980 took off from Asunción, Paraguay on New Year’s Day, 1985. Its final destination was supposed to be Miami, Florida but it was also scheduled to stop in La Paz, Bolivia and Guayaquil, Ecuador on the way.

There were 29 people on the flight that day, including Marian Davis, the spouse of Paraguay’s U.S. Ambassador. No one, however, would survive the terrible accident that tragically occurred just a few hours after takeoff.

When the plane was getting close to La Paz, the pilot informed the airport’s ground-control staff that he was due to land in ten minutes. But the touchdown never happened; instead, for reasons unknown, the plane steered dramatically off course.